How It Works?

What Sets Treble Reviews Apart?

Treble Reviews allows you to make the most of the opportunities offered by obtaining authentic customer reviews.

  • Full automation of the review-gathering and monitoring process.
  • Allows good reviews to be amplified so as to benefit your company.
  • Encourages customers to leave user experience reviews with a variety of different campaigns.
  • Unobtrusive and simple method of obtaining genuine reviews from your customers.
  • Take advantage of the “review funnel”, which helps you to gather reviews into a single, monitored source.
Treble Reviews allows you to accomplish the following tasks with ease:
  • Drive customers to a single review funnel so they are always leaving reviews on sites that are important to you and your company using SMS, email, and MMS campaigns.
  • Guide disappointed or dissatisfied customers towards offline recovery of their poor experience, which helps to boost the possibility of customer retention.
  • Automate multi-channel reviews by asking, reminding, and guiding customers to write reviews about your company where you deem them to be most useful.
  • Monitor the results of your campaigns and judge improvement to a company’s online reputation using data-driven metrics.
  • Amplify positive reviews by streaming them on your website or utilising for social media sharing, with all efforts designed to the specific needs of your company.

Treble Reviews Allows You To Focus On What Matters

A higher number of genuine customer reviews, which are targeted towards the sites you feel are most useful to your business.

The ability to forge a recovery with dissatisfied customers, who may otherwise have abandoned a company for good or bad-mouthed a company online. Treble.Reviews allows you to rescue that relationship and ensure all customer needs are met.

Complete monitoring of the data of your campaigns, allowing you to check the progress of campaigns and easily identify any issues that are developing.

Key Features

You can complete all of the above thanks to the centralised, brand-able Command Centre provided to all subscribers. Your Command Centre allows you to:

  • Acquire, manage, and utilise all customer reviews that your company receives.
  • Ensure all third-party publishers are covered.
  • Build your own database that gives you complete access to authentic customer experiences, ensuring that your company’s reviews are never held only by a third party.

Improving The Customer Feedback Loop

  • If a customer is happy with the goods or service they have received, Treble Reviews systems allows you to make the most of their positive review.
  • If a customer is unhappy with the goods or service they have received, allows you to intervene before they post negative information online or abandon your company, thus allowing for complete resolution for both parties.

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