Online Reputation Management

How much do you trust the word your friends?

According to studies, 84% of customers trust online reviews as much as they trust the opinion of their friends.

This should tell you just how important your online business reputation is. When customer do a search, they may only find negative search results because you don’t have any reviews or you have negative reviews online, putting your companies reputation at stake.

Is your company’s online reputation an asset or a liability?

You can improve your online reputation with a review management widget that will help you manage what people are saying about you:

  • You can address customer concerns immediately
  • Improve your business using reviews as constructive feedback to identify possible problem areas, in order implement change where necessary
  • Using an online management tool also assists you, as a business owner to encourage your customers to leave positive feedback.
  • If you manage your digital reputation you will realise more satisfied customers and therefore you will achieve greater business success.

The Problems You Might Face With Your Online Reputation

There are many issues that you could be facing with your online presence right now. If you help customers find an outlet for their issues, they are less likely to damage your offline and online reputation.  With a good online reputation management (ORM) tool you will have the opportunity to engage with unhappy customers directly and immediately to address their concerns.

Customers that have a negative experience with your business with leave a negative review, due to poor service or product dissatisfaction.  Unhappy clients are very quick to jump online to leave a negative review.  However, you can take control of your company’s online reputation and change your customers experience to a positive one.

Benefits Of Online Reputation Management

You may be struggling to keep tabs on the number of resources where customers drop online reviews about your business. If you don’t keep a check on all the review sources, you could miss a negative review that is damaging your brand reputation and turning customers away.  Using  online reputation management services to aggregate all your reviews makes online management easy.

One of the benefits of managing your brands online reputation, is the ability to engage with customers and request them to leave a review.

How do you get happy customers to improve your company’s online reputation?

There are many customers that have not left a review for your company but may have had a fantastic experience, why did they not leave a review?  Maybe they forget? Maybe they just didn’t know how to or even where to give positive feedback.  You can tap into positive content sources from customer testimonials, which you can use across your social media platforms in your digital marketing strategy.  Showcasing  positive reviews on our social media platforms and your website will result in more positive search results, when customers are looking for a product or service you may have to offer.

What about the negative reviews that are hurting your company?

Through direct and immediate contact with these customers, you will be able to address their concerns.  Identify real problem areas in your business, use positive and negative reviews  as an opportunity to access the good and bad in your business and make changes where necessary .  Always respond to customers that have had a negative experience with your brand and make sure you address their negative reviews quickly, make sure you have a a positive approach and thank them for their feedback, and find solution to satisfy your customer.

Using  constructive criticism can be to your benefit, make necessary changes to  ensure customer satisfaction going forward. Change customers perceptions and these same customers who left negative reviews could in fact now leave a positive review, simply because of the changes you have implemented in your business to improve products or services.

It can be difficult to keep track of reviews in your business, but it doesn’t have to be with our online reputation management widget.  Automation is key,  and the best way  for you to manage and stay on top of all the reviews online. Good and bad reviews can be used to benefit your business in the most positive way online.  Using an online review widget like Treble. Reviews, will mean that everything runs smoothly  automatically, and you will be able to easily take control of your online reputation.

You will build trust with your customers while also boosting your brand profile and visibility online. Not only will happy customers leave online reviews, but they will most certainly talk about their great experiences with their friends.  Through an engaged customer experience you will learn what your audience – your customer’s, mindset is and discover what they want from you.

How Online Reputation Management Works

Now that you know some of the the benefits, how does online reputation work and operate in reality? If you are sceptical about whether one solution can provide so many advantages, online reputation management works in a number of different ways.

Remember those customers who weren’t leaving reviews? They can gently be reminded to do so through an engaged customer journey process such as an email marketing campaign.  This nurturing process is completely nonintrusive and ensures that customers don’t feel any pressure but still be encouraged to want to leave a positive review for your business.

As a business, you probably have sources and sites where reviews matter more to you. You might want reviews showcased on your company website and/or on your social media platforms, you can even use reviews on your newsletters.  Adding customer testimonials is a great asset to build your company’s online brand reputation.

How about those disappointed customers?  Online management services offers you the opportunity to manage customers concerns directly, giving you a gap to ensure they do not leave a negative review for about your business. This can be implemented with a call to action on your website or social networks after an order has been completed, or a product has been purchased. There are many customer journey processes that can be set up to ensure customer satisfaction.

How To Do Online Reputation Management

Using a review widget ensures that your business is automated to manage your online reputation automatically.  Everything that is being said about you online, on multi-channel review sites, can be aggregated onto one dashboard, which makes the process of engaging with your customers easier.  Customers can be contacted to remind them to leave reviews in the best possible place to help your company.

You can encourage your customers to leave reviews, in order to build your company’s online reputation, building authentic, genuine reviews from real customers who have used your service or bought your product.

Using online reputation management services will provide you with key information about your customers and their experiences. Using a review widget will make the process easy, understanding and using the data on every review site or resource that is relevant to your company.

Online Reputation Management Services

Online reputation management services are suitable for both large and small businesses. That means you can manage and review several platforms, such as various branches, to ensure that you offer quality service for the absolute best results.

Start using online reputation management services today, to push forward positive reviews that impact your business online and offline.